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Credly Developer API

Start with the basics by reading about how the Credly API works or jump right into writing code on our badge platform. The Credly REST API allows users to manage badges they have been issued and issue badges on behalf of organizations.

Organizations ISSUE badges for things they teach or facilitate. Users EARN badges when they showcase their professional skills. Users can share the badges they earn to BROADCAST their potential.

Getting Started with Credly

Get a basic walk-through on how Credly works and how you will integrate your users and achievements. You will also get an overview of how to use the web service API and all available features.

Get Started

Web Service API

Whether you're an expert developer or a beginner, integrating with the badges platform is easy. We offer a REST API that will allow you to quickly get started issuing badges from your organization.

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An organization is the entity associated with a user that is capable of issuing badges to a user. Once an organization has been created it may start creating badge templates and issuing badges to users.

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Badge Templates

A template for a badge that can be issued to a user. Each badge template contains a unique visual image and includes important data that links back to the issuer, as well as associated criteria and standards.

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Issued Badges

Issued badges may come from multiple sources and may be displayed on a single profile. Issued badges may contain an expiration date, and may be revoked by the issuing organization. Issued badges may also be shared outside the Credly system.

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Organizations using Workforce may find utility in being able to programmatically create, update, delete, invite, or retrieve employees. These endpoints can be leveraged to enable integration between Workforce and an HR System.

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OBI Specified Endpoints

The Open Badges Initiative is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning. OBI is an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges.

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Credly API Terms of Service